Hello World!

Hey, how are ya?  Nice to see you here!

Seriously, thanks for stopping by to check out ‘thetaleofjaydee’.  I won’t waste your time spent here, I promise!  Go ahead and hit that ‘follow this blog’ button so you’ll receive any updates!

This little piece of interweb real estate that I have claimed will serve as my platform to discuss a few things that I have gravitated towards in my life: generally speaking- fitness, finance, and fun.  Lots of things that I enjoy doing fall into these three categories, so I’ll try to keep this blog focused upon those.

I’ll begin this journey by keeping a record of my time at the upcoming Permaculture Design Course, put on by Quail Springs. The course is a two-week, fully immersed course, where we will be living and learning first-hand the principles and fundamentals of Permaculture.


As quoted by Quail Springs:

Permaculture is a conscious integrated design system based on ecology and sustainability principles to create resource efficient and productive human environments and reduce our footprint on the earth. Permaculture provides a framework for consciously designed landscapes that mimic the patterns and relationships found in nature that provide diversity, stability, and resilience. These systems yield an abundance of shelter, water, energy, and food for the provision of local needs.

I first found out about permaculture and the program at Quail Springs while frequenting the Korduroy.TV website. There I read Cyrus Sutton’s documentation on his time spent attending the PDC course.  I began discussing the idea with my younger brother, Nathan, who had recently returned from Boulder, CO.  He spent time volunteering on an organic farm there and had already been exposed to these ideas.  With a heavy footing in harvesting my own fish through spearfishing, and always growing up around a garden as a kid, I was immediately intrigued by the idea of permaculture.  The thought of not only being able to provide for myself and my family, but the opportunity to enrich and provide for my community is another alluring part for me.  After a small discussion we decided we’d take the plunge and go get educated!

So, follow along as I kick off my digital journal and footprint!

Thanks a ton.  As always, live on vacation.


-Jay Dee


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